Spiff's Galactic Strike Force Resources

These are accessories and resources I've made for the Galactic Strike Force game. If you have any questions, suggestions, or see anything in my files that is incorrect or needs updating, please contact me at spiffworld@gmail.com.


(May 23, 2014) TRIBA tokens posted.

Online Resources

GSF Game Randomizer
Similar to my SotM Randomizer, this app lets you select which ships/opposition/sectors to include and how many ships you want in the game, and the page will randomly generate a match-up fitting your criteria.
Pydro's GSF FAQ
GSF superfan Pydro has created a GSF FAQ, which is really more of a re-telling of the GSF rules with all the missing and confusing bits squeezed out than it is a traditional question-and-answer doc. I consider it to be a complete replacement for the rulebook which came with the game.

Printable Game Accessories

TRIBA tokens
These are tokens you can assemble into 3D pyramids to mark cards which have effects that trigger in the various phases of the game, to make spotting those effects easier.
Opposition Card Boxes
For unsleeved cards, 2-5/8" wide, 3-1/2" tall, 1/2" deep.

These card boxes fit each Opposition's ship cards and mission cards.

Strike Force Ship tuckpacks
These are sleeve-like tuckpacks for each of the Strike Force Ships, to hold their eight starting cards. Each tuckpack shows the ship's name, pilot's name, pilot's profession, the ship's starting weapons/defense, and a quick summary of how that ship plays (good for quickly figuring out which ship you want to play during a game).
Panel tuckpacks
These are sleeve-like tuckpacks for Strike Force Ship, Opposition flagship, and Sector panels. Useful for keeping the panels organized in the box.

While the panel tuckpacks are beautiful, they also use plenty of printer ink. I made a second version of the panel tuckpacks which are much more basic, to save ink. You can choose to use whichever you prefer.