Non-Spiff Accessories

These are accessories made by other people around the Internet which I liked so much I'm linking to them here so people can have a one-stop shop to find the best SotM goodies for their games. If you have any questions about these accessories, you should contact their owners directly, since I didn't make them.

Jagarciao's Accessories

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HP Tracker Mat

HP Tracker Mat + Tokens
A mat with numbers from 1 to 50. The villain and each hero gets a token on the mat to indicate their current hp. It's an easy way to keep track of everyone's hp in one place, and it makes instantly seeing who has the highest or lowest hp a breeze. Includes tokens for all heroes, including alt versions, up to Shattered Timelines, and one generic villain token with +50 and +100 tokens since villains tend to have a lot of hp.

To give the tokens some depth, you can glue the token faces to 3/4" wooden discs, available in most craft stores.

The set is complete up to the Vengeance expansion.

(2/21/2016) Included in the .zip file is an additional mat created by Connor MacDonald using the ObliAeon artwork showing every character in SotM facing off against each other. Thanks, Connor!

Alt Character Card Dividers

Alt Hero Dividers
These are storage dividers like the ones that come with the Expanded Edition of the game, but for the alternate versions of heroes and villains which have been released with the game's previous Kickstarter campaings. These are useful if you have multiple decks of certain characters so you can play base and alt versions of a hero at the same time. Included are dividers for all the alt heroes released up to the Shattered Timelines expansion, plus America's Greatest Legacy, Mad Bomber Blade and Cosmic Omnitron.

Vertical Card Dividers

Vertical Card Dividers
These are card dividers for all the villains, heroes, and environments, formatted vertically for people who store their cards in that orientation. The dividers have the official art as well as icons to show which expansion they're from and numbers to show the complexity of the heroes and the difficulty of the villains.

(1/9/2015) SotM fan tracerbullet23 has added to jagarciao's vertical dividers set to make the collection complete up to the Villains of the Multiverse expansion. Thanks, Tracer!

Hero Icons

Hero Icons
These are hero icons in .png format, 600x600px, 300dpi. All heroes are included up to the Vengeance expansion, including an icon for the Freedom Five.

The set is complete up to the Wrath of the Cosmos expansion.

Tzgardner's Accessories

Google Sketchup 3D token box

Google Sketchup 3D token box
GtG forum-goer tzgardner has created a Sotm token box using Google Sketchup, then turned it into reality using a 3D printer. He's made the Sketchup .stl file available here for anyone else who has access to a 3D printer and wants to give it a try.

tzgardner's original post about this on the GtG forums