Spiff's Sentinel Tactics Resources

These are accessories and resources I've made for the Sentinel Tactics game. If you have any questions, suggestions, or see anything in my files that is incorrect or needs updating, please contact me at spiffworld@gmail.com.


(Jan 23, 2016) Added a Randomizer, for randomly picking skirmish teams.

Online Resources

Team Randomizer: You select which characters to include, how many teams and how many characters on each team, and this page will randomly generate a skirmish roster fitting your criteria. If you include alternate versions of characters, the Randomizer will always only pick one of them (you'll never have two versions of the same character in your results).

iPad-ready Game Info

Tactics FAQ
This semi-official FAQ contains rules clarifications collected from the GtG forums. Only clarifications which have received an official ruling from a Tactics game designer are included in the document. Also included are the official Tactics rules.

Last updated: 3/27/15

Printable Game Accessories

I use 110 lb. card stock paper when I print my accessories on my home printer. I've heard of people using photo paper with good results as well (it's glossier and still relatively thick, but more expensive).

I don't have any advice for printing these at a print shop because I've never done it (sorry).

Standup character tokens
Want to have 3D characters to move around the board but don't have the Tactics minis? Use these instead! This file includes characters from both the base game and Uprising which you cut out and fold into pyramids to represent characters, companions, and other things. Includes an oversized Omnitron-V, icy-shaped tokens for Absolute Zero's Impaling Structures, a giant T-Rex, and a tornado shaped Blazing Tornado.
Card tuckpacks
The tuckpacks are slim packets to store each character's power cards (there's one for scenario powers too), making them easy to store and grab from the box at the beginning of a game. The back of each tuckpack displays reminder info about the game's phases and the actions available to all players. The tuckpacks will hold up to about 15 unsleeved cards and about 10 penny-sleeved cards.

Note: if you're sleeving your cards, you'll probably need to print out two copies of Operative's tuckpack, one for her power cards and one for her poison cards. All of her cards will fit into a single tuckpack if they're unsleeved, but not if they're sleeved.

Also included is a card box for the various units that come with the game (Blade Battalion Soldier, Citizens, etc.), one for unsleeved cards and one for penny-sleeved cards, just like my SotM card boxes.

3D Terrain
Contains a complete set of terrain for both the Megalopolis and Insula Primalis maps, including a volcano and the Freedom Tower (as well as an alternate one-hex version of the Freedom Tower from back during playtesting when I thought the Tower would only be a one-hex building. It was too cool not to include.)

I've found that once assembled, the Megalopolis terrain will fit into two men's shoe boxes for storage, while the Insula Primalis terrain will fit into a single men's shoe box as long as you don't also try to cram the volcano in there.

Token Boxes + Counters
These are 3-in square, 3/4-in deep boxes to store the game's tokens. These are only useful if (like me) you've removed the plastic insert that came with the game and are storing everything freely in the box. These boxes stack cleanly and help keep everything organized.

As a bonus, I've included three spinning counters you can use to track victory objectives or to count down a scenario's timer.

Dice Tower
This is a Tactics themed papercraft dice tower. It's about 4-1/2" high, and the tray is about 2" by 4", so it won't take much room on the table. It can handle a maximum of about 8 of the game's dice at a time, which should be sufficient for most situations.
Alternate Skirmish Modes
This is a PDF full of alternate skirmish modes you may find fun, developed by GtG forum members. Included variants:

Standard Skirmishes, Tag-Team, Team Elimination, Last Team Standing, King of the Mountain, Capture the Flag, Pylon Control, Monorail Robbery

3D Ambuscade traps
These are 3D traps for Ambuscade's "Rigged Explosives" power. You print them, cut them out, then fold the "arm" back over itself to form a small handle (which actually kind of makes it look like a land mine). When the trap is triggered, just pick it up by the handle to see if it's a decoy or a real explosive.