Spiff's Sentinels of the Multiverse Resources

These are accessories and resources I've made for the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game, the best cooperative card game I've ever played. If you have any questions, suggestions, or see anything in my files that is incorrect or needs updating, please contact me at spiffworld@gmail.com.


(Feb 6, 2015) Added a new Character HP Tracker file to the Print & Play page. Still no VotM art from GtG, so still no VotM accessories. :(

(Jan 17, 2015) I added a set of 3D tokens to the Hunted Naturalist file in case you'd rather use tokens than a dial spinner. The tokens are also useful if you get to use a power out of turn and so can get three forms in effect at once.

(Jan 12, 2016) Added a tracker to the Printables page for tracking the forms chosen by The Naturalist's promo card, The Hunted Naturalist. Because his choice of form lasts until the end of his next turn, that means he can have two forms in effect at once and it can be difficult to keep track of past choices. But with my tracker, it's a breeze. Unfortunately, I had to use placeholder art because I still don't have the new art from GtG.

(Jan 8, 2016) I received my copy of Villains of the Multiverse and updated the card list with the new info, including the new promos. I also broke the card info into two files - the card list itself and a separate file for the old card update info which is probably not relevant to a lot of people buying the game nowadays. Still no art from GtG though, so I still can't make my other accessories.

Online Resources

Game Randomizer: You select which heroes/villains/environments to include and how many heroes you want in the game, and this page will randomly generate a match-up fitting your criteria. If you include alternate versions of characters, the Randomizer will always only pick one of them (you'll never have two versions of the same character in your results).
Full Card Text: This Google Doc, created and maintained by GtG forum member jffdougan, has the full text of every card in the game. If you find any errors in the list, you can report them here.
Story Challenge Point Tracker: This page lets you track your Sentinels Story Challenge (achievement) points by entering the info into a web form. All of your data is stored in the URL once you click "submit", so bookmark or copy that and your progress will be saved.

iPad-ready Game Info

Rules & Clarifications: This semi-official FAQ contains rules clarifications and errata collected from the SotM forums. Only clarifications which have received an official ruling from someone from the SotM team are included in the document. Also included are the official core rules.

Last updated: 5/29/15

(1/7/2016) Since the video game version of SotM came out, Handelabra has been keeping a comprehensive list of card interactions since they need the info to code the video game. Since they're keeping this info now, which they share on the GtG forums, I haven't been updating my FAQ with new info. Hopefully GtG will produce an official FAQ now that they have the information compiled and available.

Card List: This PDF contains a comprehensive card list for all decks with a breakdown of the total number of cards in the game.

Card Updates: This file contains details about the various card updates that have happened since the first time they've been printed, and a side-by-side comparison of cards that changed from their original printing when the Enhanced Edition came out.


Phantaskippy's Story Challenges: These are epic battles created by GtG forum member "phantaskippy" to interest and challenge your gaming group. Each challenge pairs a villain with an environment and includes a rules tweak which increases the interaction between the two to make the fight even more interesting than normal.
SotM Scenarios: This is a series of scenarios you can use to add some variety to your game. Each one tells a story of why the battle you're fighting is taking place, and each has its own win condition which shouldn't necessarily make the game more difficult, just different. If played in order, the stories from each scenario string together to create a larger storyline, as if you were playing through a comic book series.