Deck Plans

The FarStar is the Corellian Corvette assigned to Captain Ciro to track down Moff Sarne. The heavily-modified ship includes a large interior flight deck for fighters and transport ships. A large crew requirement means a crowded ship where tensions run high and emotions are volatile. The FarStar is cramped, poorly lit, jury-rigged and facing a hostile force in an unexplored environment. All in all, it's a perfect place for adventure.

The crew of the FarStar knows only that the ship is an older Corvette that Moff Sarne was having refitted for a combination military/exploration mission into the wilderness of the Kathol Sector, the area known locally as the "Kathol Outback". The interior flight deck was being readied for TIE Interceptor racks, while the interior of the ship was being stocked with supplies and equipped with advanced computer and sensor systems. It is obvious that Sarne had big plans for the ship.

The vessel was named the Renegade before the New Republic rechristened it the FarStar. After gaining control of the ship, New Republic commando Keleman Ciro had only 28 hours to assemble a crew and finish the refitting effort. Many of the interior rooms were converted to storage bays. Crew members were crammed into the remaining staterooms while supplies were stockpiled and potential crew members were recruited from the civilian population of Kal'Shebbol.